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The People & Workshop

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Matt Michaud

With his bachelors degree in mechanical engineering, Matt is primarily our Product Design Engineer. With a concentration in composites, Matt has written multiple programs for analyzing the deflection and potential failure modes for the products we build. Most importantly though, Matt is a die-hard Cannon skier.

Katie Mros

With her masters degree in mechanical engineering, Katie is primarily our Production Engineer. While working on her thesis in the nanotechnology field, she focused her coursework on the micro and macro-mechanical analysis of composites. Most importantly though, Katie is a die-hard Cannon skier.

The Workshop

We build all of our products in-house, in a minimalist Near-Zero-Energy workshop. How does a highly efficient shop effect you? More of your money goes into high-end materials and not paying the overhead costs of heating and cooling a poorly sealed and insulated shop. Considerable research has gone into designing not only the workshop's heat and moisture control, but also its dust collection. The custom-modified cyclone (visible in many shop photos) connects to all of our machinery, filtering our shop air down to .3 microns. This system provides a safer working environment as well as more precise cuts for better final products.