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Mastic, Bagging, Perforated Film, & Breather

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Our bagging materials allow you to press your board under vacuum pressure. Mastic tape seals the ends of a vacuum bag tube or, if you cut the bagging open, seals the bag to your mold. Mastic tape is sold by the 25ft roll.

Nylon bagging material is a 36" lay-flat tube. It can be slit down the length for a 72" wide flat sheet and is sold by the foot.

The perforated film is a release film that has small perforations to allow excess resin to "bleed" out of your layup and into your breather fabric. Perforated film is 60" wide and sold by the foot.

The breather/bleeder material goes on top of your release layers and allows air to escape for an even vacuum pressure. The "bleeder" function is its capacity to soak up excess resin that is pulled toward your vacuum line. Breather is 60" wide and sold by the foot.

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Perf. film - In Stock
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Breather - In Stock
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