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A hard-charging, frontside carver, the Root 78 has east coast roots with its full camber and versatile sidecut. The torsionally rigid Carbon Box construction rewards fast, skilled carvers with great edge hold and stability. Able to store more energy than carbon fiber or Kevlar, our Ballistic Glass provides a consistent flex and rebound. The Root 78 is ideal for a skier who wants on-piste versatility, but demands precise carving to appease their inner-racer.

The Sandwich

Nylon topsheet - has excellent wear and chip resistance
Carbon Box - provides superior edge grip and responsiveness
Ballistic Glass - 65% tougher than Kevlar for consistent rebound
Core with Ironwalls
    Sugar maple - screw retention and power
    Poplar - eliminates unnecessary weight
    Ironwood sidewalls - vertical, rock hard, and naturally waterproof
Micro-mechanical Damper - precisely engineered for stability
Ballistic Glass - symmetric ply
Carbon Box - symmetric ply
Edged base - high performance Isospeed 7500 bases for higher speeds


Dual Radius11.5-12.713.1-14.514.7-16.5
ProfileFull camber | Slight turned-up tail


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Length: $1100 $949
  • All skis come stone ground, hot waxed, and hand tuned
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