Carbon Box ski torsion

Carbon Box

Braided Carbon Fiber Torsion Box

Sandwich Tech's Carbon Box technology uses a braided carbon fiber torsion box to provide superior torsional stiffness for grip and responsiveness.


  • Carbon fiber braid complements our Ironwalls to create a torsion box construction
  • Carbon fibers provide maximum torsional stiffness for responsiveness
  • Braided fabrics eliminate the crimping weakness in traditional woven reinforcements
  • Braided fabrics provide greater compression buckling strength than traditional unidirectional (knitted) reinforcements
  • Stronger and stiffer than traditional fiberglass

Talk Nerdy

Understanding ski flex starts with understanding the differences between torsional and bending stiffness. The effects of these stiffnesses are very different. While a high bending stiffness will impair versatility and easy turn initiation, high torsional stiffness will dramatically improve edge hold and high speed stability. To learn more about these effects, check out our article on Ski Flex: Torsion vs. Bending.