MD: Micro-mechanical ski damper

Micro-mechanical Damper

Integrated Vibration Damper

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Sandwich Tech's Micro-mechanical Damper reduces specific modes of ski vibration that affect edge hold without losing the higher frequency, lively feedback.


  • Combines both micro-mechanical and constrained layer damping mechanisms
  • Directional loss factors for a damping effect that is focused on specific vibration modes
  • Isolated modes of vibration prevents overdamping higher frequencies that provide lively feedback
  • Embedded into the ski for durability and consistency

Talk Nerdy

Understanding the vibrations of a ski starts with understanding the effects of amplitude, frequency, and decay. Often misunderstood - only decay is a true damping effect. Equally as important is understanding that damping certain frequencies improves edge-hold, but other frequencies provide lively feedback that you do not want to lose. To learn more about these effects, check out our article on Vibration Damping and Skis.

Vibration damping diagram