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Our new shop started as a napkin sketch...and an energy model. Starting as a 1900 post-frame, this building has undergone a 4 year long deep energy retrofit. This started with gutting the building and pouring a new foundation. Added to that were deep layers of salvaged foam and cellulose insulation as well as a continuous air barrier membrane. This ultra-efficient workshop is now heat and humidity controlled by a small heat pump.

Ok, so that makes it sound much simpler than it was. For updates of these ongoing renovations, check us out on Instagram.


With his bachelors degree in mechanical engineering, Matt is primarily our Product Design Engineer. With a concentration in composites, Matt has written multiple programs for analyzing the deflection and potential failure modes for the products we build.


With her masters degree in mechanical engineering, Katie is primarily our Production Engineer. While working on her thesis in the nanotechnology field, she focused her coursework on the micro and macro-mechanical analysis of composites.

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